Sunday, April 1, 2018

How to change member caption without changing ETL and reports in DMR model

1 Context
This document is intended to demonstrate an idea to handle caption without changing ETL and reports. Sometimes, there is requirement to change name, such as brand, product on all reports. There are many different ways to proceed, such as
1) Change ETL to change name across the board. This method will request review for Framework manager and all reports, especially where the individual member is directly used in report.
2) Change Report across the board. This method will have huge effort.

2 Solution & implementation
The idea is to take advantage of framework manager model, but not to make any changes for ETL and reports. As known, each member will have default roles _BusinessKey, _MemberCaption, _MemberDescription

Also, please note that caption will be used in all reports by default. We can assign default column to _BusinessKey, and create new column for caption. Doing this way, all reports will still work as the report specification uses _businessKey, and therefore the caption change will NOT have impact on report specification. But it will have change report result when executing.

Two samples are listed below




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