Thursday, June 1, 2017

How to troubleshoot data issue when migrating SAS reports to Cognos Reports

The most important task for migration is to make sure that report data matches between SAS report and Cognos report.  General speaking, SAS report is generated from series of SQL transformations, while Cognos report is created by FM model based on data warehouse. The bottom line is that both report comes from the same data source.
Source data -->SAS report
Source data --> data warehouse --> Framework Manager  -->Cognos Report
In many cases, we need to dig into the data source. the troubleshooting approach is listed as follows:
1) Choose a single element with problem, instead of using the whole report
2) Get SQL from SAS side to match SQL result

3) Get SQL from Cognos side to match SQL result
4) Identify problem based on 2) and 3)

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