Saturday, June 25, 2016

How to define OpenPages security with AURA

OpenPages security is very flexible, which can handle all complicated scenarios. Role Assignment is to assign a user (or a user group) to access a role template. AURA is the tool to load user into OP.  
  1. Setup

Simply copy AURA into work directory. The user must either have a 1.5.x “javaw.exe” file in the system path, or have a 1.5.x JRE folder in the same directory as AURA.bat.
  1. Configure

The main task is to configure property file.
The key one is the, make sure the space is with \ and space. Please see sample below.

prefix.Action\ Item=/_op_sox/Project/Default/IssueActionItems
prefix.Business\ Environment=/_op_sox/Project/Default/ICDocumentation/Business\ Environments
prefix.Business\ Environment\ Eval=/_op_sox/Project/Default/ICDocumentation/Business\ Environment\ Evals
prefix.Control\ Eval=/_op_sox/Project/Default/ICDocumentation/Control\ Evals
prefix.Control\ Question=/_op_sox/Project/Default/ICDocumentation/Control\ Questions
prefix.File=/op_sox_documents/Files\ and\ Forms
prefix.KRI\ Value=/_op_sox/Project/Default/ICDocumentation/KRI\ Values
prefix.Link=/op_sox_documents/Files\ and\ Forms
prefix.Loss\ Event=/_op_sox/Project/Default/ICDocumentation/Loss\ Events
prefix.Loss\ Event\ Source=/_op_sox/Project/Default/ICDocumentation/Loss\ Event\ Sources

  1. Generate user script

The best step should be use following sequence
  1. User
  2. Domain assignment
  3. Role assignment
  4. Security Context Reference
  1. Generate group script

Group should be done after users, simple copy all users into spreadsheet, then get xml
  1. Load into OpenPages

cd /opt/OpenPages/AURA/Folder

cd /opt/OpenPages/bin
./ l c OpenPagesAdministrator OpenPagesAdministrator /opt/OpenPages/AURA/Folder GroupAssignment

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