Sunday, March 13, 2016

How to display the values for each stack and each bar for a stacked column chart

(This report is based on Ex post How to make column chart with break and also IBM post
Please see chart below for requirement. The goal is to show total of all stacks within each bar.

Show values on stack bar
Please note that the number cannot be formatted, therefore, we need to round data as integer.

Remove 0 values on bar
If 0 values are not removed, then chart become very fuzzy, as there are many 0 values displayed on chart.

Add new series to get total value for each column
When dragging measure as the second series, then the total will be automatically aggregated, in other word, we reuse the same measure, or the same query. We do not need to add new measure to calculate total based on column.
Make total Bar as transparent
The only thing we need is to show total number on top of each Bar.

Suppress legend for total bar
Unfortunately, Cognos cannot perform conditional rendering and styles for each individual measure. the only way to do is to make it invisible by making empty space as text with source type.  However, this hidden legend still takes space. The advanced solution is develop customized legend with repeater.

There is another way to add total as below:
1) Add total with another measure to make sure it is aggregated and then convert into integer;
2) drag this measure to series
3) Change type to Line
4) change line and markers to Markers
5) series type clustered
6) Make marker size as 0

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