Sunday, November 8, 2015

What is RDL (Report Definition Language) in OpenPages

When there is field label change, then some reports becomes not valid any more. The reason is that query item(s) are not valid any more, as newly generated framework does not have old names any more. How to avoid this problem becomes very important to maintain all reports. The trick is to use RDL as local to develop report, so that report will be independent from labels. But when you change local to RDL in openpage, your interface will be changed accordingly, which is not desirable. The solution is directly change local as Cognos, and develop report in Cognos report studio, while the local is not changed in OpenPages.

Report Design Language (RDL) is the behind the scenes language that all of your reports are stored in. The result is that a report can be completely defined in XML and its source content can be viewed in any XML editor. Beginning with IBM OpenPages 6.0 you are no longer required to design your reports in RDL. However, it is still recommended that report authors use RDL to design their reports due to the limitations listed below when not using RDL.

Change local in Cognos

1. Login to Cognos Connection.
2. Select My Home from the main screen.
3. Locate the Cognos Connection toolbar.
4. Select My Preferences from the My Area drop down list in the portal.
5. Select the General Tab.
6. Set the Content Language to English (Canada). English (Canada) is actually
Report Design Language.
7. Click OK.

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