Sunday, July 12, 2015

How to burst active report on iPAD

As known, we can deliver reports to iPAD by simply specifying send report to mobile recipients, as shown below

However, if you want to burst report to iPAD, then you need to have CAMID

Burst report

  1. Schedule report with burst

  1. Burst options with CAM ID

  1. Burst query

  1. CAM ID – can be found in Cognos connection

As active report could run very long time and exceeds the execute limit. Therefore, we need to schedule report with different parameters to limit the execution time. The main problem is that we cannot schedule report with job. In other word, we cannot use the same report and then schedule it with different parameters. The current solution is to copy report into multiple locations and schedule it.


  1. Consider a scenario where I have to burst the Active Report based on Sales Territory. Each individual Sales Territory has 1 MB of Data. Total 10 MB as there are 10 Sales Territory. Does the resultant bursted Active report has 10 MB for Each Sales Territory or It will be 1 MB each.please let us know.

  2. the bursted Active report has only 1 MB for Each Sales Territory pushed to ipad