Sunday, February 1, 2015

How to use a single list to set more than one parameters in Active report performance

Sometimes, you don’t want to use default card in deck. In addition, you don’t want to use UNION to handle total, or default either. There are reasons why you don’t want to do these two ways.
  1. Default cards for nested data deck somehow don’t work, another reason is that somehow Cognos memory somehow doesn’t work properly when there are complicated desk structure with big data set. (one practical experience is about structure with Deck->Card->List->Mini Chart. The master –detail relationship between list and mini chart did not work, or work randomly.)
  2. To make default and total together, all queries at all levels must be changed, it could make query very complicated and dramatically impair the performance.
Is there third way to handle it?  The answer is YES. We can keep all the same queries, but add another level of deck to separate total and real parameters. We can call it Total or all others with two cards.
Card 1: Total
Card 2: all others
To get all others, you need to introduce the second parameter. The idea is to introduce the second column in list to indicate this is all others.

The idea is highlighted in sample below
A new column RD is added with all same value as ‘RD’

Add this column to list, but make it invisible. (Somehow the property doesn’t work, we need to add it physically to list)

Set two variables

Filter two variables

New added deck will take new variable Q3NationalOrRD

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