Saturday, January 24, 2015

How to design Cognos interactive reports 11 - Make report view for interactive reports

    1. Context

As known, report will be executed based on data security. However, there are some preferences for individual business users.  From user point of view, they don’t want to repeat each time to go their preference. The best solution is to prepare his preferences when they start report. At the same time, we cannot create individual report for each user. Report view for interactive report becomes very helpful in this case. This document will demonstrate the idea to make report view for interactive reports. Please see attached report specification for review (version 10.2 with sample Package GoSales)
    1. Add prompt page

All prompt controls are located the same page as main report. In addition, all prompts are very flexible. If we don’t create a prompt page, then there won’t be any way to specify parameter. Therefore, we need to simply copy the whole prompts area into prompt page.  Doing so will allow business users or support technician to have the same interface to specify parameters.
    1. Create report view

    1. Specify parameters

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