Saturday, June 28, 2014

How to make active report reusable - 01

  1. Context

Active report is different from normal reports. Somehow we can neither use prompts to initialize parameters, nor use layout component reference form other reports. This document is intended to explore the possibility of using parameters to make active report reusable.

During doing active reports within many projects, I find many reports are very similar, just with different slice and dice. For example, you want to burst report by manager, sales rep, or by region. Most of contents with respect to data containers are same. However, we build these reports as different reports, which results in many copies with simple change of column.  When there are some changes, we need to change all these report across the board to make it consistent.  This is a big effort and is always happening in real world.

This document will show you two diffident cases where you can use parameter to make active report reusable.

  1. Sample

Please use the sample below, you can check report specification and .mht file for reference (version 10.2.0)

There are two different requirements:
  1. Order method type can be changed to any other types
  2. Measures can be changed from revenue to any other measures

  1. Pass global parameters

There is a common filter in active report, which is Order method type. We can simply use a parameter in report as filter, without using master detail to pass parameter. When specifying order method type, then whole report will be run based on this parameter. It can be used for ad hoc, or bursting, or as prompt to burst active report.

  1. Pass global meta data
The solution here is to create a single report, but with different meta data to generate different reports.
The sample above is used, but we can make revenue column be dynamic, or use Prompt with token

When running report, we can pass any query item as requested.

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