Saturday, May 3, 2014

How to embed a Cognos report in an email message body

It is very useful to have report in an email body, as the email can be well formatted, and users do not need to open attachment at all. It is even more appropriate for a small report. However, it is a little trick to have this function; the key is that
  • the email body needs to be blank, and
  • the attached report is HTML output.
Please see sample with simple report and event studio

Simple report

Build a simple report
Run report to send email, you can use different ways to schedule a report, such as create a job

You’ll get report embedded in email body
However, if you put anything body, you won’t report embedded with email body anymore.

Event studio

It will have the similar behavior as simple report. Event studio does have another way to show message, you can put data into email body with limited format.  

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