Saturday, February 22, 2014

How to setup the default email sender in Cognos server

Step 1: Within Cognos Administration go to the configuration tab.
Step 2: Navigate to the Dispatchers and Services tab on the left.
Step 3: Click on a dispatcher to open up the services list, if there is more than one dispatcher, then we need to perform step 4 – step 8 for each dispatcher.
Step 4: For the Delivery service click the Set properties icon.
Step 5: Click the Settings tab.
Step 6: Click Edit on the advanced settings.
Step 7: Add an advanced setting named alwaysUseDefaultSender and set the value to true.

Step 8: Click save button
Step 9: repeat step 4 – step 8 for Job service
Part 2:
(UAT: remote into Cognos server. All servers are needed to be configured)
Step 1: Open Cognos configuration: find execute file (C:\Program Files\ibm\cognos10\c10_64\bin64\cogconfigw.exe) and run it as Administrator
Step 2: Go to Notification (see #1 in diagram below)
Step 3: Define default sender as (see #2 in diagram below)
Step 4: Click save button to save setting (see #3 in diagram below)
Step 5: Click restart button to restart the Cognos service (see #4 in diagram below). Setting will be only effective after this step

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