Saturday, November 16, 2013

How to resolve to the Cognos Go! Office connection issue

When you experience Go! Office error when importing a report with prompts.

The problem has been identified as Cognos gateway server setting issue. The solution is to change “Error pages settings” in Cognos Gateway servers. This is a known bug of IBM Cognos.  The impact of this change is very low on server.

Correction steps for both production and DR:

Step 1 Logon to Cognos Gateway server

Step 2 Launch IIS 7 Application Server Manager (note: must “Run as administrator”)

Step 3 Go to the default “Home” page

Step 4 Double click on the “Error Pages” icon

Step 5 Error page feature screen is display

Step 6 Highlight the Status code “500”

Step 7 Select “Edit Feature Settings” in the Actions pane (at the right hand corner)

it should looks like follows

Step 9 Change the current bullet settings to “Detailed errors”

Step 10 Click on the default home page and click on “Restart” IIS at the right pane of the Action panel

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