Saturday, November 23, 2013

How to make TM1 cell security reusable

When there are many cubes with shared conformed dimensions, and similar security should be applied for all these cubes, then we should make security shareable
Please see sample below.

This is a rolling forecast, users will only input forecast data for cells with white background. This pattern will be applied for many different cubes, listed below

The solution is to create a cell security template, and then to make all cubes share this security template.

Create cell security template
It is common practice to establish a system parameter cube, where all configuration parameters are saved. When budgeting and rolling forecasting, configuration parameters will be entered accordingly. Cell security will use system parameter and automatically generate security template as below.

This template is generated by rules
[{'Budget','Actual','Prior Forecast'}]=S:'READ';

['Current Forecast']= S: IF (!Fiscal Year @=DB('System Parameter','Current Forecast Year','Value') & DIMIX('Month',!Month) <=DIMIX('Month',DB('System Parameter','Current Forecast Month','Value')),'READ',continue);

['Current Forecast']= S: IF (!Fiscal Year @=DB('System Parameter','Current Forecast End Year','Value') & DIMIX('Month',!Month) >DIMIX('Month',DB('System Parameter','Current Forecast End Month','Value')),'READ',continue);

['Current Forecast']=S:'WRITE';
Make cell security template shareable
There are two steps to make security sharable.
Step 1: create Cell security for each cube as needed, sample below
Step 2: Create rules as below
[{'ADMIN', 'SecurityAdmin','DataAdmin','CAMID(":Express Administrators")'}] =S: STET;

[{'Actual','Budget','Prior Forecast','Current Forecast'}]=S:DB('System Security',!Version,!Fiscal Year,!Month,'Value');

we can make this approach even more simpler if we apply new TM1 version 10.2, as we can use model security to apply such a setting.

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