Sunday, October 20, 2013

How to understand the data Tab under TurboIntegrator advanced scripting

.We can enhance the capability of TurboIntegrator by editing the procedures to manipulate TM1 data and Metadata. Data Tab is designed have a series of data actions to be executed for each record in the data source. The key to understand this concept is each record. How do we know how many records is from data source?  It is equal to the number of not empty cells.

Case 1:  There is no data from source view

Add Debugging info under Data tab

File Data.txt won’t be generated, as the number of not empty cell is 0, and therefore the loop is even not happening.

Case 2:  There is some data from source view

Input 6 data as below

The Data.txt is generated as below

"Product A","Jan","1"
"Product A","Feb","2"
"Product A","Mar","3"
"Product A","Apr","4"
"Product A","May","5"
"Product A","Jul","6"

Case 3:  Move data from product A to product B

if (vProduct @='Product A');




Data will be move from A to B

Case 4:  Add header for moved data

Data.txt is generated as below
"Product B","Jan","1"
"Product B","Feb","2"
"Product B","Mar","3"
"Product B","Apr","4"
"Product B","May","5"
"Product B","Jul","6"

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