Sunday, October 6, 2013

How to merge multiple columns into single column in TI process

Please see sample below

Assume that source data

Cube should looks below

Load Unit
As there are same products with multiple records, we need to use option “Accumulating value”

Select multiple columns as data

Dimension map to Month

Data map to Month

Load Price

As price cannot be aggregated, therefore, we cannot use simply use Amount \ Unit. TI process will be used to load basic price for leaf level, while Rule will be used for calculate price for consolidate level.  Certainly, we can use Rule to calculate leaf level price, however, we want to make price editable.


vValueAmount = CellGetN('CubeX','Amount',vMonth,vProduct);
vValueUnit = CellGetN('CubeX','Unit',vMonth,vProduct);
vPrice = vValueAmount \ vValueUnit;
CellPutN(vPrice ,'CubeX','Price',vMonth,vProduct);



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