Friday, August 16, 2013

How to improve Cognos report performance

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1 Introduction
1.1 What this book includes
1.2 Note
1.3 About author
2 Improve performance at database level
2.1 Building summary tables
2.1.1 Exclude one or more dimensions
2.1.2 Use higher level of dimensions
2.1.3 Use high-level dimension attributes
2.1.4 Save cumulative measures as columns
2.2 Slicing a single big fact table into multiple measure oriented tables
2.2.1 Current Model
2.2.2 New Model
2.2.3 Lessons learned
2.3 Creating a control table to host current available dates
3 Improve performance at framework manager level
3.1 Modelling DMR relative time
3.1.1 Introduction
3.1.2 Sample
3.1.3 Implementation
3.1.4 Note
3.2 Centralizing complicated date logic in framework manager
3.2.1 Sample
3.2.2 Centralize date logic calculation
3.2.3 Summary
3.3 Avoiding local processing
3.3.1 Using not supported functions or operations
3.3.2 Joining queries from separate databases
3.3.3 Joining queries from same database with different logical data sources
3.4 Applying minimized SQL concept
3.4.1 Sample
3.4.2 Model without minimized SQL
3.4.3 Model with minimized SQL
3.5 Integrating prompt macros in framework manager query
3.5.1 Problem
3.5.2 Solution
3.6 Modelling relative time as measures
4 Improve performance at report level
4.1 Stitching multiple crosstabs together
4.1.1 Problem
4.1.2 Solution
4.2 Applying Prompt Token macro in report studio
4.2.1 Problem
4.2.2 Solutions
4.3 Using optional parameters to filter detail data for master detail report
4.3.1 Problem
4.3.2 Solution
4.4 Enhancing prompt page performance
4.4.1 Prompt cache
4.4.2 Tabbed prompt page
4.4.3 Enhance prompt reconciliation
4.4.4 Journey to figure out prompt reconciliation for a complete slow report
4.5 Avoid using query calculations for chart additional information
4.5.1 Current approach
4.5.2 New approach
4.6 Transforming a nested crosstab to a single-edge crosstab
4.6.1 Problem
4.6.2 Solution
4.7 Understanding DMR based crosstab performance issue with sparse data
4.7.1 Problem
4.8 Forcing Cognos engine to generate a single query for master detail report
5 Conclusion and Outlook
6 Appendices
6.1 How to identify performance issues
6.1.1 Identifying which report data container has performance issues

6.1.2 Identify at what level has performance issue

Check the book for detail  How to improve Cognos report performance

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