Saturday, May 11, 2013

How to provide on-demand updates and forecasting capabilities using TM1

Problem of  Cognos EP
In case when there are two stages of planning as below

Stage 1: Planer A provides forecast at province level, then this data will follow to stage 2.
Stage 2: Planer B gets data from stage 1 and then provide forecast at Territory level of that province
The data load from stage 1 to stage 2 is performed via a batch process, in other word, Planer B  needs to wait for a while, even overnight to do territory level forecast.

TM1 Solution
TM1 can provide on-demand updates and forecasting capability, and make this process real time.

Assume  three cubes below:

Forecast Input by Province

Territory Allocation

Forecast Input by Territory

Sample rules are listed below

In forecast by Territory cube:

['Initial Forecast'] =
*DB('Forecast Input by Province',!Provinces,'H1',!Products,'Forecast Used',!Years)
*DB('Territory Allocation',!Provinces,!Products,!Approval Hierachy,'H1 Forecast',!Years,'Allocation Used');

In forecast by province cube:
['H1 Forecast','Allocation Used']
=>DB('Forecast Input by Territory',!Regions,'H1',!Products,!Approval Hierachy,'ALL TERRITORIES',!Years,'Initial Forecast');

In Territory allocation cube:
['H1','Forecast Used']
=>DB('Forecast Input by Territory','ALL BUSINESS UNITS','H1',!Products,!Approval Hierachy,'ALL TERRITORIES',!Years,'Initial Forecast');

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