Saturday, April 13, 2013

The Cognos Report Toolkit - Group column headers for list report

General note about The Cognos Report Toolkit
Report specification:  Relational, DMR, and Cube


Group Sales region and country to region, and group product line and product type as Product.


  1. Create normal list as below, sorted by region, retailer country, product line and product type

    1. Click anywhere in list and then click create header, then click create overall header

    1. Click new header, then click insert newly row above

    1. Highlight both newly added rows, then class them as List column title cell

    1. Highlight second added rows, click , then

    1. Remove Overall, and merge the first two column, and third and fourth column, then add text as below

    1. Drag the title from first row to third row
    2. Hide the original heading for list

    All three queries for relation, DMR are very similar.

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  1. Thanks Charles, this worked great! Very helpful...