Wednesday, December 19, 2012

How to create a personalized and powerful experience with portal pages

Cognos portal page can provide users a personalized experience for BI, as their portal tab can be customized based on their profile.  One of best ways is to provide an interface like menu. Please see sample below, where you can have three levels of menu

Margin by region
Margin by Year
Revenue by region
Revenue by Year

Sample in detail

  1. Create three levels of folders as below
  2. Two folders under level 1 folder
  3. Under each folder, using Revenue as sample, there will be three folders

  1. The real reports are authored under report

  1. Create all portals associated with each report

  1. Create shortcut of  portals, this step provide a flexibility

  1. Make level 2 portal point to the shortcut of level 1

  1. Make level 3 portal point to level 2 portal


Actually, this idea can be combined with row level security to give user a real personalized experience. they can see only their data, no more, no less. With respect to data security, my old post (How to implement row level security in framework manager (all options)) could be used as reference in detail. The major challenge is how to create so many folders for many users, which can be resolved by either use SDK, or third party tool such as Motio or BSP software.

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  1. Thanks so much for this information. I have been looking all over for information on cognos bi, specifically how to create portal pages. Thanks so much for this information.