Tuesday, October 23, 2012

How to highlight certain time periods in a chart (Colored Regions)

There are two ways to highlight areas, the one with Legacy chart engine, while the new one with Cognos 10 chart engine called Colored Regions

Legacy chart engine
Please see screenshot below

It is requested to highlight 200504 and 200508


You can download report specification in detail

Add second series as highlightedPeriods into chart

Add second measure as highlightedPeriods into query item

To get the maximum revenue for all periods, you need to use total for each period first.
maximum (total([Revenue] for [Month key]) for report)

then get measure
if (  [Month key] between 200504 and 200508) then ([MaximumRevenue]) else (null)

Colored Regions
You can define colored regions in the body of a chart. For example, you can divide the background of a scatter chart into quadrants and color each quadrant.You can add colored regions to bubble, bullet, combination, Pareto, progressive column, and scatter charts.

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