Friday, August 31, 2012

How to efficiently pass variable values in Active Reports using data deck and direct pass

In my old post How to pass variable values to List, Crosstab and Chart in Active Reports, three options are discussed: 1) Directly pass variable values; 2) Pass variable values using data deck with a single variable; and 3) Pass variable values using data deck with two variables

Obviously, it is possible to pass variable via these two different methods. In this sample, region variable (varRegion) is a directly pass, while Year variable (varYear) is passed with data deck, or master detail.  Please download mht  and report specification for review in detail
This solution bring two major advantages

  1. Users still get interactive experience or animation with data deck. In this sample, users only care year change while region is specified somewhere else.
  2. The mht file size will be dramatically reduced, as the data deck results in much bigger size than direct pass

Report layout

Use data deck with master detail relationship

Use direct pass

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