Friday, August 10, 2012

How to column headers in list, to put the summary (or group) total of a list at the top

Please see attached screenshot and its requirement

Issue 1: The quickest way to align column headers in list

  1. Click anywhere in list and then click create header
  2. Click newly header, then click insert newly row above

  1. Highlight both newly added rows, then class them as List column title cell

  1. Highlight both second added rows, click , then
  2. Drag all original titles from first row to the third row, along with format, and then merge cells in second row as needed
  3. Select list and then specify list title hide

Issue 2: The quickest way to make summary (or group) of a list at the top

This sample has only one level, however, the solution below works against multiple levels

  1. Click group column product brand and then

  1. Click all measure columns to ,  default behavior below

  1. Click  product brand, and then create group header

  1. Click any title column (such as )  and then add new row below, then select the new row and assign it as List inner hear cell. Now you see how  relationship between hear and footer

  1. Move all columns from footer to header and delete footer



  1. Cool post Charles! This helped me out, thanks man!

  2. Very useful tips! Thank you, Charles!