Monday, July 2, 2012

How to make use of map “Expand Features” (map drill up and down, map zoom in and out)

Expand Features is magic, which can be used to demonstrate the powerful features, such as drill down and zoom in, as well as customize map. The sample shows the idea of using this feature. Please download report specification for review in detail.

The first map and second map use the same data query, while the third query including two provinces only.  The second and third maps use “Expand Features” (Specifies whether to center and expand the feature in the map chart. When set to Yes, the map feature is centered and expanded to take up all available space in the chart. When set to No, the map feature is not expanded.)

This feature provides a smart way to build “customized” map, it is no longer necessary to create a separate map in MapInfo for each area of interest or the corresponding drill-through and report definitions.  In addition, it is very easy to control query and therefore control map presentation.

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