Tuesday, July 31, 2012

How to make prompt page run on portal pages same as in report studio

Normally, we expose report via the customized portal page based on user or user group. in case when end user want to run report with parameters to be specified on the fly, some technical challenges are presented to resolve. The main reason is that report will run automatically as soon as portal page displays. First of all, in case when your report has default parameters, report will run based on default parameters without even show prompt page at all. Secondly, when finished report rendering, it is impassible to give user the opportunity to import parameters again.

Use portlet with navigator

The best way to handle it is to create a new directory for reports to be run for end users, and then create a portal page with navigator, where navigator points to the directory.

In this case, business user uses Cognos report in a similar way as developers. He or she can run report whatever wanted

Use portlett with muti-page dashboard

In this case, you need to make at least one parameter required, otherwise the prompt page will not even appear at all.

The main problem is that user won’t give the second opportunity to specify parameter

Use global filters

In order to resolve the issue above, we need to give business user to select parameters. The solution is to separate prompt page from main pages, and then use global filter to pass parameters to main page.
Please see old blog How to make global filter work with multi pages for detail reference.

Make prompt with main report together

If the report is an interactive report, then you can make prompt part together with main report. However, it won’t work in case when your prompt page is separated, such as the generated report has to be as PDF format.

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