Friday, July 13, 2012

How to build dynamic dashboard with burst reports for multiple purposes


Sometimes, Burst reports are requested to save in file system; these files are exposed to business users via other devices such as iPad. In this case, how to test these burst reports and how to monitor these reports become an issue to resolve. This document provides a simple and practical solution to resolve this issue. The idea can be used for other proposes as well, such as expose these report to business users. Please see screenshot below

Check bursted reports is portal page provided to see generated PDF files. Report for region America is exactly the same PDFs saved under file system for region America.   Please download detail report specifications (version 10.1) for your review in detail, including Reports to be Bursted and Prompt report

Reports to be Bursted

Create a normal report for burst by region

Make recipient as   'CAMID("::Everyone")', you can choose only users who allow to access burst report.

Burst report for both files and report saved in content store as follows. (The better way is to schedule a job, and then based on trigger when data is ready.)

Then you’ll see both reports and files as follows

Prompt report

Create a page with value prompt, please note:
  1. The same query used in burst
  2. This page is not prompt page, it is normal page

Check Bursted Reports Page

Create a new page called Check Bursted Reports

Specify prompt report for left column

Specify prompt report for right column


This idea is mainly from IBM article  Please click the link for detail. However, the concept has been enhanced to generate files and report out at the same time without performance impact.

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