Tuesday, June 12, 2012

How to make global filter work with multi pages

Context: There are three kinds of dashboards from IBM Cognos landscape: 1) operational dashboard – Cognos Now!, 2) Tactical dashboard – Cognos portlet and 3) strategic dashboard – Cognos Matrices studio.  What to explore here is tactical dashboard, which is based on report.  
In order to give user a better experience of report based dashboard, Multi-Page portlet Traditional PDF can be transformed to a newly dashboard, you can see the power of dashboard.

Result screenshot:


  1. Dramatically improve end-user experience
    1. Performance, as it starts only with a single tab, meaning that only report data requested is retrieved from database
    2. Interactive, you can quickly figure out data that you need
    3. personalized, add this page to the user folder

  1. Dramatically improve development performance as
    1. Develop sub reports one by one
    2. Easily to add sub report one by one

    Implementation in detail

    1. Create a new fold structure

    1. Copy original dashboard report under reports and saves as different sub reports

    1. Configure the detail report pages as follows


    1. Create master page as

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