Thursday, June 7, 2012

How is publish - subscribe architecture used to communicate in Active Reports

How to understand the communication in Active reports is the key to design. Based on my understanding, publish - subscribe architecture is used.  Each control can publish and subscribe variables.

Publish: each control can publish (or broadcasting) variable value for one or multiple variables, including following cases:

  1. Flexible to set or not to set any variable values
  2. Flexible to set one or multiple variable value

On the other hand, each control can subscribe variable and act upon variable values, including following cases:

  1. Flexible to take or not to take any variable
  2. Flexible to react one or multiple variables
  3. Flexible to react the logic based on multiple variable combined

The diagram below shows this idea, variables 1, 2, …N are available globally on a report, where each control can set a value for  one or multiple variables, and can see all changes of all variables at the same time. However, whether a control act on the change of one or multiple variables is based on whether this control subscribes these variables or not.

List, Crosstab and Chart are used for the attached sample, please download report specification and .mht file for review.

You can click any item on list, crosstab and chart to see the highlighted selection in sync. This interactivity can clearly demonstrate publish-subscribe concept.
The reason is that all three controls share the same variables for both publishing and subscribing

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