Monday, May 28, 2012

How to dynamically stitch chart into a list at different level

Request to present list data as graph for given product type or product line. For example,
  1. Present a bar chart  for cooking Gear at product type level
  2. Present a line chart  for golf equipment  at product line level

While it is very simple to replace a column with chart with master detail relation, this requirement is very challenge to merge multiple columns at group and line level within list.


Please download report specification for reference

The solution is to leverage auto summary line at different level, please see
The main reason is that cells can be merged at auto summary line.

How to do it...

  1. Define two levels of summary, product line level and type level, and make appropriate format

  1. Define conditional variable to decide whether one should show, text or chart
  1. Text
  2. Summary at product line level
  3. Summary at product type level


Add a new column or two columns into list, or called horizontal stitch doesn’t work, as list still consider a chart as a single column. Therefore, the merge cell is absolutely necessary to make stitch working.

Based on this concept, crosstab could provide even more flexibility as cells can be merged in both directions: horizontal and vertical. However, it could become very complicated design

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