Monday, May 21, 2012

How to customize reports tailored to individual customer with table of contents

Solution overview


When there is requirement to deliver customer oriented report with multiple pages, or report book. Customer would be very happy to get their own PDF report with table of content and navigation elements. The generated report can be considered as a book with high quality.

Solution overview

The general solution can be very powerful with three set of parameter in mind:
  1. Book level parameters, such as customer kind, which will be used to whether page to render or not, as well as to control render result.
  2. Page level parameters, it is usually a master query, whether it can be used to develop pageset
  3. Block level parameters to be used to control block to render or not.

Please download report specification and attached PDF for reference in detail.


Create multiple pages with table of contents
  1. Create multiple pages

  1. Drag Table of Contents to the page

  1. Apply Contents to the page entry on any items ( page, section, repeater)
  2. Define title to be dynamic  and their format

Use page parameter to control page rendering
  1. Create prompt page to specify book level parameter
  2. Define variable for each page you want to control

  1. Apply variable to page as render variable

  1. Different report will be generated based on your input. Usually, it will be generated on trigger based on different parameters

Create bookmark to navigate pages

  1. Create bookmark at anywhere you want

  1. Define link to go back to bookmark

Deliver the report based on customer

Besides using email to send attached PDF to your customer, you can use portal page to distribute them.
  • Generate PDF for different user.
  • Define a Port view for each PDF.
  • Assign this port view to correspondent user.

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